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Just For Today Challenge – 31 Days To A Better You

I’m super-excited to be able to share with you the upcoming “Just For Today Challenge – 31 Days To A Better You” series. I’ve been working on setting up this challenge for a while and the timing couldn’t be better with 2010 just a couple of days away.

On January 1, 2010 I’ll be giving you one action topic per day that you will be able to do that day. I don’t believe in having great-big challenges everyday where there’s a good chance you will fail. I want to help you succeed! But, this is a Challenge so some of the items will be more challenging than others :-)

These challenges will be minor tweaks that you will be able to build upon for the entire month, day by day. The theme is not to overwhelm you, but give you something that you can accomplish Just For Today.

Why 31 Days? That’s usually how long it takes to see real changes in your life. If you commit to the challenge and do the action items every day, you will be surprised at how different you are in 31 days. You’ll astound yourself!

Why January? Because January is an excellent time to take action in your life. It’s the start of a new year where you will already be motivated to make changes in your life. If you take the “Just For Today Challenge”, I promise you that you will see improvement in your life at the end of the month. You have my personal guarantee :-)

These challenges will be itty-bitty action items that you will be able to do just for that day. Nothing too strenuous or overwhelming. Remember that it’s the momentum that we are going for. Some of the action items you may already be doing, and that’s great. Some of them you will think are pretty silly, but please do them regardless. It’s the challenge of completing the 31 days that counts.

My hope you for you is to adopt and keep the momentum going well past the 31 days though. Even if you adopt just some of these challenges into your everyday life, you will be a better you for it.

Now what? Check back on January 1st for your Day 1 – Just For Today Action Item

You’ll also notice that I’ve created a new page where all the posts will be stored: Just For Today Challenge

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  • I just happened upon this post and challenge. I read over a few of them and love it! I will start today! yay! Thanks!!


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