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Every Friday, I get to share with you just a few of the articles that I’ve read this week that have made me stop and think.

These are some of the insightful and thought-provoking personal development articles that I’ve come across this week. I hope you enjoy them.

Jonathan over at Illuminated Mind made me think when he wrote How to Reclaim Ownership of Your Mind. There are some great steps offered in the article.

Paul at Diary 4 Life wrote a great article and one that you should definitely read. He asked his readers: How Highly Do You Value Yourself? 

With what I thought was a very brave article, Colin at Exile Lifestyle talked about The Inescapable Enormity Of It All.  Because nothing really matters after we are gone, we are free to take risks during our lifetime. That’s a very interesting perspective.

Dragos Roua tells How to Keep Your Mind Virus Free  at Brillantly Better. This is the third part of a interesting series that he’s writing about using a computer-human metaphor for personal development.

Eric at BluePop13 asked his readers for their Top 10 favourite blogs and then compiled them into his article Let’s Help Each Other.  I’m very touched to see that A Meaningful Existence was listed, along with a bunch of other great sites. You should definitely check out to see who’s familiar on the list and who you yet need to read.

I hope like this week’s picks. Did you read anything insightful and thought-provoking this week? Let us know by leaving a comment. Thanks!

As always, have a great weekend!

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  • Karen,

    I love this weekly post of yours; it’s such a great resource, to see what else I’ve may have missed during the previous week. Articles that similar minded people are reading. Thank you for sharing this.


    .-= Paul´s last blog ..Rocky Road =-.

    • Hi Paul,

      i was happy to share your article in this week’s picks. Glad that you are discovering some new bloggers.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  • Great summary of posts from the week. Truly appreciated.

    • Welcome phyllisalyse,

      Thanks so much for checking out the site and this week’s offerings of insightful articles from the blogosphere.


  • Thanks for the mention Karen. I appreciate it.

    I’ve got some ideas and getting the word out more to a bigger audience about my blog so that more people are informed especially considering the top ten I’m doing. I really hope this goes big and people start to take notice. I realise, again, that will come down to what I personally do about it.

    I literally just loaded all the other links you have mentioned here into tabs in my browser and will be checking these out very soon.

    Thanks for an awesome Friday’s links! :)
    .-= Eric´s last blog ..Build Your Blog With Fire In Mind =-.

    • Hi Eric,

      I’m happy to spread the word about your resource-rich article as it’s useful to share other favourites among bloggers.

      Let me know what you think of the articles after you get a chance to read them.

      Thanks for sharing,

  • Hey, Karen

    Thanks for mentioning my post here and happy to find so many nice bloggers here, many of them are on my RSS reader too. The only exception was Eric (and thanks for pointing me to his nice idea about sharing 10 blogs) and I took the appropriated measures :-)

    Have a great week-end :-)
    .-= Dragos Roua´s last blog ..How To Avoid Being A Toxic Person: 13 Simple Tips =-.

    • Hi Dragos,

      I really enjoyed reading your human-computer metaphor series so far and I’m glad to have it listed for this week’s picks. I’m sure my readers will also enjoy reading such a thought-provoking article.

      That’s great that I was able to introduce Eric’s blog to you – he has also written some great articles and has been featured on a couple of my Friday’s Links.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing.


  • I agree that the Diary4Life post is a great one, and I for one will keep visiting that site. This post introduced me to Illuminated Mind, which has quite an interesting title for its latest post. I’ll check that out later today. Thanks for these links. 
    .-= Julius´s last blog ..Closed-Circuit Televisions =-.

    • Hi Julius,

      Glad that I was able to introduce you to a few new sites – that’s the point! :-)

      Let me know what you think of them.


  • Great links here! I went over to read your first recommendation at illuminatedmind and that was a really impressive article. Thanks for sharing all of these, I will be reading each of these articles.
    .-= Alex Monroe´s last blog ..Success is Only a Book Away =-.

    • Hi Alex,

      Thanks for checking out the links and I’m happy that you liked the Illuminated Mind article. I agree, it was impressive.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  • Hi Karen. I liked the Illuminated Mind blog a lot, I’ve added it to my list of sites. Thanks again.
    .-= Julius´s last blog ..Closed-Circuit Televisions =-.


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