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100 Things That Make Me Happy


Happiness is a choice and we all deserve to be happy. At any moment in our lives, we can change our mindset and choose to be happy.

One way that we can use to be happy is by creating a list of things that make us happy. This is a great motivational tool that we can use when we are feeling down. Just pick something from your list when you need to feel happy or just need a pick-me-up.

Of course, what makes me happy will not be the same as what makes you happy. Only you can answer the question of ‘What Makes You Happy?”

I thought that I would share with you my own personal list (in no particular order).

Here are 100 Things That Make Me Happy.

1. Chocolate. I am a woman, after all :-)

2. Having a sense of purpose in life.

3. Having a family that loves me no matter what and knowing that they will be there for me when I need them.

4. Knowing that my Mom is being taken care of.

5. Knowing that I can afford to support myself and be independent.

6. Having friends who put up with me, even though I drive them crazy sometimes

7. Being able to write articles that touch other people.

8. Buying any book that I want, whenever I want to.

9. Taking the time to read my favourite books over and over and over again with no interruptions.

10. Taking up writing again and publishing articles on my own site.

11. Publishing an article that I worked really hard writing.

12. Learning something new.

13. Helping someone solve a problem in their life, especially if it’s something that has been an issue for a long time.

14. Being given a compliment, particularly when I’m feeling down.

15. Having someone say Yes to me when I was sure that they would say No.

16. Being debt-free and not owing any money to anyone.

17. Going to see a movie with my best friend.

18. Being asked for advice because someone respects my opinion.

19. Sleeping in on a Saturday morning and not having any firm plans for the day.

20. It makes me happy knowing that I’ve travelled to some places in the world that others haven’t.

21. Going for a walk with no destination in mind.

22. Knowing that I have invested in my future and my retirement funds are growing daily.

23. Watching HDTV on my big screen LCD TV.

24. Receiving money in the mail or my Paypal account unexpectedly.

25. Watching The Mummy and The Mummy Returns back-to-back. They are two of my favourite movies.

26. Getting an email from a reader telling me how something I’ve written has helped them.

27. An unexpected hug from a family member.

28. Smelling freshly-mown grass and feeling it under my bare feet.

29. Being pleasantly surprised by someone special.

30. Doing what I want, when I want to.

31. Travelling to Las Vegas every year makes me happy and it gives me something to look forward to.

32. Going out to dinner with friends.

33. Receiving flowers, particularly my favourites – tulips.

34. Getting an unexpected bonus at work.

35. Working on my site and knowing that I’m making a difference.

36. Receiving a phone call from a friend out of the blue and talking to them for hours.

37. Looking out my balcony and just enjoying the street scene below.

38. Knowing that I graduated university and that no one can take my credentials away from me since I accomplished them.

39. Going on a picnic on a nice warm summer day.

40. Being responsible for my own happiness. It’s kind of circular, I know. But, it’s also true.

41. Knowing that I am not just sitting around, but am actively working on creating a better future.

42. Going outside and enjoying nature.

43. Calling someone who I’ve been thinking of and making their day.

44. Listening to some jazz music on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

45. Being asked to guest-post on other sites. It makes me happy to be asked.

46. Attending a concert of one of my favourite singers.

47. Going swimming and feeling the water all around me.

48. Attending birthday parties and celebrating with friends and family.

49. Being appreciated at work and feeling that what I do makes a difference.

50. Having supportive friends who give me great advice when I particularly need it.

51. Having clean, crisp sheets on my bed.

52. Being inside when there’s a thunderstorm outside. Being able to watch thunder and lightning and seeing the majesty of mother nature.

53. Recognizing some Spanish phrases from my two Spanish night-courses and being able to speak it a little bit.

54. Getting a letter in the mail from a friend.

55. Having a guest-post published on my site and it receiving a great response.

56. Being appreciated for who I am and not what I can give.

57. Going on a long bike ride.

58. Knowing that I can book a plane ride back to Toronto and stay with friends any time I want to.

59. Looking at the posters that I brought back from Rome, Paris, and Boston hanging on my walls.

60. Reliving some of the moments I spent travelling with my friends.

61. Going on a road trip with my friends.

62. Decorating my home the way that I want it decorated and painted.

63. Being with my friends, just enjoying each other’s company.

64. Making dinner for people that I love.

65. Going camping for a long weekend.

66. Going to my favourite sushi place for lunch.

67. Three and four-day long weekends.

68. Having all my bills paid.

69. Having money in my chequing, savings, and investment accounts.

70. Eating ice cream, particularly Haagen Dazs.

71. Having a clean apartment.

72. Attending night school and learning something that I’ve always been interested in.

73. Realizing that what I thought was so hard years ago, didn’t turn out to be so hard after all.

74. Having the courage to move cities and jobs and not be stuck or settle.

75. Knowing that no matter what, I will figure things out.

76. Being able to give things to my family.

77. My new MacBook Pro computer and knowing that it’s paid for.

78. Going through my digital pictures and remembering all the great memories associated with the pictures.

79. Laughing with my friends and just being silly.

80. Seeing fireworks live, rather than on TV.

81. Writing on my next ebook and knowing that it can help so many more people.

82. Having a fully-funded emergency fund and being prepared, just in case.

83. Doing something that I thought I would never get the courage to do.

84. My online friends and the support they give me.

85. Dressing up and making an effort on my appearance makes me feel confident, which makes me feel happy.

86. Working out and feeling my sore muscles the next day. Knowing that I’m doing something for my health makes me happy.

87. Looking at my vision board and knowing that I’ve already accomplished some things that are on there.

88. Going to the grocery store and buying my favourite foods, and not caring what they cost.

89. Coming up with the perfect word when I’m struggling with my writing.

90. Getting great feedback from the readers of my site.

91. Seeing people share my articles with others.

92. Watching my favourite cartoons, especially episodes that I haven’t seen before.

93. Reading a new book and being wonderfully surprised at good it was and then sharing it with my friends.

94. Walking to work through the grounds of the Legislature Building with the water fountain, green grass, and beautiful statues every weekday.

95. Learning from my past mistakes and growing as a person.

96. Giving what I can to other people who are less fortunate than I am.

97. A good night’s sleep.

98. Being creative and making something crafty with my hands.

99. Getting out my paints, brushes and easel and just starting to paint.

100. It makes me happy knowing that I don’t have any major health concerns, unlike so many others.

This is my personal list of what makes me happy.

Create your own list and share with us one or two things that make you happy.

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  • I think some of your thoughts were more upsetting. I guess I am just stuck in life for now.

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