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Friday’s Links

Even though I have been super-busy with changes happening in my life, I would be remiss if I didn’t share with you some of the great articles that I’ve been reading lately.

These articles have made me think, have entertained me, have made me go: Hmmm, have taught me something new, have inspired me, and have exposed me to new wonderful sites.

Have made me think:

11 Ways To Make Big Change With Small Steps from Passive Panda

Have entertained me:

How To Survive a Zombie Apocalypse from Nerd Fitness

Have made me go Hmmm:

The Key to Your Psychological Jail Cell from Mind Adventure

Have inspired me:

An Unconventional Guide to Kickin’ Ass in 2011 from Murlu


101 Inspirational Quotes to Light Up Your Life from Always Well Within

Have taught me something new:

25 Ways to Jack-Up Your Success Using Intuition from Powered By Intuition


10 Ways to Never Stop Learning from Jimi Jones

Have exposed me to new wonderful sites:

24 Blogs To Watch In 2011 from The Big Red Tomato Company

What awesome, inspiring, thoughtful, entertaining, enlightening and wonderful articles have you read lately? Share with us!

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  • Karen,
    Thank you for including Powered by Intuition among your list of interesting articles you liked this week. I’m honored!
    You’ve included many of the articles I found had very useful information – and some I haven’t read. Thank you for the introduction to all of these fascinating bloggers. I’ll some reading to catch up on over the weekend – good thing we’re getting more snow and I won’t have anywhere to go!

    • Hi Angela,

      You always have great information about using your intuition, so I went with my gut to include your article this week :-)

      I know what you mean about the snow – plus, it’s gotten a lot colder over this weekend. Can’t wait for spring (only 3 months to go!)


  • Karen,

    I love your blog and came by this morning to see what’s up. How nice to find that you have included one of my articles in your Friday Links. Thank you so much! I enjoy inspirational quotes, collect them, and then love to share the bounty with others.

    I’ve been reading many fabulous articles at http://hanofharmony.com I especially liked a recent one called “The 4-Inch Monster”.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

    • Hi Sandra,

      I loved your 101 Inspirational Quotes article so just had to share it :-)

      That sounds like a great new site to check out, thanks for the recommendation.

      Hope your weekend has been a fantastic one :-)


      • Hi karen
        I have your inspirational articles and found them to be fantastic.

        You share the same interest with me. I love entertaining psychologica, philosophical and social issues. I have 20 articles on education, leadership, psychology, philosophy and social issues. So, I can provide additional flavor to your blog up on your request.
        God bless you

  • Thanks Karen! Passive Panda is honored to be included!

    • You and your site are a recent find for me, James, so I’m glad to share with others :-)

  • Hey Karen:

    Great idea for this post. I appreciate you sharing some of the sites you enjoy.

    I have only visited a few of these sites so I have a lot of reading to do this weekend while checking out the others.

    I see you made in onto Matthew’s (The Big Red Tomato Company) list of 24 blogs to watch in 2011. I totally agree. I enjoy reading your blog and your writing style.

    Thanks again for sharing.

    – Rick

    • Ahh, thanks so much for saying that, Rick :-)

      I agree that Matthew picked some great sites this year and I’m honoured to be included among them.

      Thanks for stopping by and making my day,

  • Wonderful roundup, Karen.

    Thanks for the kind mention also, I appreciate that.
    I’ve had a terribly busy week and have missed all of these post. Almost missed mine. LOL.

    I’ll be visiting each of these to enjoy as you have. Thanks for this nice post, I enjoy these because there is always something new to discover.

    • Thanks, Jimi. I’ve been keeping up with your articles through RSS and you’ve been writing some great stuff lately. Keep it up!

  • Hi Karen,

    Thanks for sharing these links. Many of them are new to me…:)

    • That’s the point, Dia – to share some great articles and sites. Glad that I was able to introduce you to some new ones :-)

  • Hey great list of sites Karen. I have read nerd fitness before and i really like it. I found your website through experimentsinpassiveincome and i really like it

    • Thanks! Moon’s EIP site is a fantastic resource, too.

  • Hi Karen, what I like about round up posts is that I always get to find some new stuff. I think the biggest danger we fall into (mainly due to lack of time) is to not explore new stuff an open ourselves to new ideas.

    Passive Panda and Nerd Fitness sound like two such sites I should be checking out! Thanks for this.

    Thanks also for the link back to my article :-) Most appreciated.


    • Hey Matthew,

      I recently discovered them, too, and am really liking the content. Very fresh and inspirational.

      Glad to introduce you to some new great authors :-)


  • Hey Karen!

    Love the layout of this post – link series – whatever you wanna call it, in fact that is what got me to comment in the first place, well that and the fact that the first blog is called ‘Passive Panda’
    Passive Panda indeed, although internally I think they are rampant – or at the very least -THE STUPIDEST CREATURES EVER TO EVOLVE!’ – sorry but I am still upset about raising money as a Cub-Scout to save their plight only to discover they decide to live on a diet that a: there is hardly any of, and b: they have to eat a *** load full to actually get anywhere. Now where was I.
    Ah yeah – ‘Bombastic Jugong’ Now THAT is a blog name to remember. Although I can only imagine a tagline somewhere along the lines of ‘Enthusiastically devouring information and helping you go nowhere’
    hmmm -might reconsider that…. how about?… I know.. Passive Pan…D’OH! already taken.

    I digress…

    I digress a lot – and ironically I do it at a site designed to help me achieve MORE.

    Stop it Karen, you’re a bad influence

    • Sorry for being such a bad influence, Alex :-) I’ll try better.

      Glad to see that you liked the layout. I thought I would try something different with the headers this time. It turned out really nice, I must say :-)

  • HI Karen,

    I love Always Well Within! Every once in a while I trip over that site during my online travels, and I love to linger there.

    I haven’t heard of Passive Panda, though, and have already opened a new tab to check it out while still staying here at A Meaningful Existence.

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Delena,

      Sandra has some wonderfully inspirational articles and is very authentic. Glad to introduce you to some new great sites, as well :-)


  • Hey, I went through all of these before coming back to comment. I especially liked the posts by Jimi Jones and the 101 inspirational quotes. I love finding lists cause I learn about so many great blogs. Thanks

    • Welcome Maya,

      I’m happy to hear that you actually went and visited the sites – that’s why I recommended them :-) Jimi and Sandra’s articles were very inspirational (as always)

      Thanks for stopping by,

  • I love Passive Panda! I saw that featured here in your blog a couple of weeks ago, and already following some of the advice there has changed my blog for the better.

    I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for introducing it to me!


    • You’re welcome, Delena. James’ site is a favourite on my RSS feed now, too :-)

  • Hi Karen, I love seeing Murlu on the list cause he definitely had a blog worth visiting. Same goes for Jimi Jones. I haven’t seen any of the others you recommended but I will try to catch up with them as well.

    I am so addicted to these lists, more and more. And like you said, being introduced to new blogs is the best part of it.

    • I agree with Murray and Jimi’s picks being fantastic resources, Brankica, and am glad to introduce you to some other great sites, too.


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